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Why do we believe the Utility Warehouse is the Best Network Marketing Opportunity in the UK?

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We are Danny & Susan Rich and we took the decision to become Utility Warehouse distributors in 2008. Utility Warehouse, the Discount Club, provides essential utilities, such as energy, phone, broadband and mobile, and provides ways for customers to significantly discount their bill through various means.

We run our part-time business alongside our web design and accountancy businesses, from home. We have absolutely no background in energy or sales, but we soon found out that you really don’t need to have, which was a relief!

It really is a great feeling to be earning money whilst saving our family and friends money on their utility bills. We saw it as a complete no-brainer.

We love the freedom that working from home gives us. We're usually there to take our children to school each morning and to collect them again in the afternoon.

We never miss a parent’s evening, nativity, concert or sports day – which is something that we simply can’t put a price on. We value these years when we can watch our children grow up, and we are determined to play as big a part in that as possible.

That’s what our business does for us right now, but we also love the peace of mind that it gives us, knowing that by working at our business for just a few hours per week, we are securing our family’s financial future for many years to come.

So, what is so special about Utility Warehouse?

Before we joined this business, we’d looked at plenty of other fantastic home-based opportunities. There really are some amazing, long-standing MLM companies out there, so we were spoilt for choice.

But Utility Warehouse stood out to us as the perfect fit for our life, because we only needed to sign up customers once. With the limited time that we have in our schedule, this made perfect sense.

By that, we mean that there is no need for us to go back to re-sell to our customers on a monthly or weekly basis. We simply sign them up, usually on the first appointment, which takes, on average, about 1 hour. We then get paid each and every time they pay their utility bill whilst ever they are customers of Utility Warehouse, the Discount Club.

We have customers that we signed up more than 8 years ago, and we’ve now been paid more than 90 times for that 1 hour’s work!

We now have a large team of people who we help and support in getting their individual businesses up and running, so we're always looking for enthusiastic people who’d like to join our growing team.

The ongoing support that we get from the company is fantastic and the kids are really encouraged to become involved and feel a part of the Utility Warehouse family. The training is simply outstanding. There is a proven system that is taught in just a few hours, then you’re up and running.

The process is so simple!

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Danny, along with his colleague and co-author, Paul Robinson is now a published author and public speaker on the subject of Network Marketing. Their recently released book, The 5 Levels of Formality, is available via Amazon.

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