Take advantage of the Network Marketing December Lull

Why not take advantage of the “I can’t do anything before January” attitude that you often get from prospects this month?
Why not use it to take the pressure off your approach and, at the very least, plant a seed for the New Year?
“I know you’re probably busy up to Christmas, but can we get together early in the New Year so that I can run my new business past you? I think there might be some cash in it for you as well. All I need is literally 10 minutes of your time.”
You’ll get one of 3 responses:
1. Sounds interesting. Why leave it until the New Year? I’m free this week.
2. Yes of course. (because they perceive it as being so far into the future, they’ll agree to meet up in January).
3. What is it?
If you get response #2, it is important that, come January, you remember that they’ve already said “yes” to meeting up. This means that there’s absolutely no reason to ask them again in the New Year. Why would you give them an opportunity to change their mind? They’ve already agreed. If they change their mind, let them tell you so. No point in handing them the opportunity on a plate.
All it needs is a follow up call in January: “Hi, its me. Before Christmas, we agreed to get together so that I can run my new business past you. When’s best for you, Tuesday or Thursday?”
If you get response #3, as ever, during the initial conversation, it is so important not to be drawn into an explanation of the business over the phone. Keep your posture and insist on face-to-face or not at all. If they persist on you explaining over the phone, reverse the situation on them: “OK. You sound too busy. Give me a call when you HAVE got 10 minutes spare, otherwise I’ll try you again in 6 months.”
You’ve taken the opportunity away from them. Who’s the pressure on for a meet-up now?

They'll soon backtrack and agree to meet up for that coffee!!

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