NLP “Anchoring” Technique to Maintain the Network Marketing “Big Event” Motivation

This is an NLP tip that I use when I go to a big Network Marketing event. Why not try it too?

Buy yourself a new air-freshener for your car. It MUST be one you’ve never bought before so that it’s a new smell.

Leave it in its packet until you park up the car at the event then, as you’re getting out, open it up and throw it into your car.

Try not to get a whiff of it as you’re doing this! 🙂

After the event, you’ll be buzzing and as motivated as you’ll ever be. You’ll get into the car, instantly smell the new air freshener and an “anchor” will be created where you will associate the event, your positive mood and that event forever more!

From then on, every time you get into your car and smell the air freshener, you’ll instantly feel fantastic and motivated.

Think about it? Do certain smells or songs remind you of particular holidays? Of course they do – and you don’t even have to try to build these associations. So why not use this natural occurring phenomenon to your advantage.

You might want to listen to a new music album on the way from an event. From then on, you’d get good vibes whenever you heard those songs.

New shoes, new perfume, new tie or neck-scarf?

Be creative. Good luck! 🙂

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