Can You Carry on Regardless Through Everything that Network Marketing Throws at You?

Network Marketing is simple, right?

Talk to people about your products and/or business opportunity and sign up the ones who are interested. What could be simpler?

From the outside, it could easily be claimed that the above sums up the industry in a nutshell, but before stepping out on your Network Marketing journey, let’s find out whether you’re really cut out for the roller-coaster ride. Answer yes or no to the following questions:

  1. You invite a friend to a career opportunity meeting. She/he says that they will be there, but they never show up and don’t answer your calls enquiring as to their whereabouts. Can you handle that and carry on, regardless?
  2. You sign up a customer for your products. You’re extremely pleased with yourself because you’re sure that this customer will be using your products for years – but the following day, it shows on your system that they’ve cancelled their order. You try to ring them to find out what’s happened but they don’t answer your calls. Can you handle that and carry on, regardless?
  3. Fresh from your first “Getting Started” training, you contact close friends and family members to arrange appointments. Your brother tells you that you’ve joined a pyramid scam and need to concentrate on your real job. He also tells the rest of your family about what you’re doing and, as a result, they refuse an appointment with you. Can you handle that and carry on, regardless?
  4. One of your first customers makes a substantial order, but the company messes up the items so you have to arrange a return of the goods. The customer is not happy and cancels, demanding a full refund. Can you handle that and carry on, regardless?
  5. Your first team member is is showing incredible enthusiasm for the business opportunity. He sign up, promising that he’s going to build a huge business. You really feel that this person could be the answer to your financial future. After a few early knock-backs, he quits and doesn’t answer your calls or texts. Can you handle that and carry on, regardless?
  6. You build an extremely successful leg of your business. New distributors are joining daily and products are being sold in large quantities. But the distributor at the top of the leg has her head turned by a rival product and the entire leg jumps ship. Can you handle that and carry on, regardless?
  7. You arrange a meeting with a successful local businessman. After showing him your business opportunity, he openly laughs at you and says that its a pyramid that won’t last. Can you handle that and carry on, regardless?
  8. You’re speaking to a work colleague at lunch and a passing colleague shouts “You’re not signing up to that pyramid scheme are you? Don’t fall for it!” He’s joking, but the whole office hears and many of them give you wide berth over the following days. Can you handle that and carry on, regardless?
  9. You travels 2 hours to an appointment. When you get there, your prospective customers don’t answer the door, even though you’re sure you could hear the kids’ voices before you rung the doorbell. You look through the window and the TV is on, although nobody appears to be about. Can you handle that and carry on, regardless?
  10. You decide to create a post of social media, asking your friends if they’d like to sample your products and take a look at the business opportunity. After some initial interest, it’s looking positive, but a friend of a friend post something negative about your company, its products and Network Marketing in general. You stand up for yourself and an online, drawn-out argument ensues. Your friends’ interest cools. Can you handle that and carry on, regardless?

Anyone who’s ever made a success of their Network Marketing business will openly tell you of many cases just like the above examples – probably many times over.

Sometimes, it can seem like the whole world is against you and it is incredibly easy to take the knock-backs personally. The people who succeed are the ones who can brush off these set-backs and move forward, regardless. A case can be made for saying that the people who have most of these experiences make the most money because they simply refuse to quit and, through practice, they learn how to emotionally detach from the outcome.

In the above examples, nobody died or went to prison, but these seemingly minor events can seem enormous when they happen to you, especially if you’re new to Network Marketing.

So, how did you do? How many time did you say “yes”?

I’ll be honest with you, if you got anything less than 10 yeses, then maybe Network Marketing isn’t for you – or you need to work on your reaction to these events through company events and personal development because I can promise you one thing – most, if not all, of the above events WILL happen to you at some stage. It’s your reaction to them that will decide your destiny.

If you answered YES 10 times, see you at the top! :)

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